Maddy Norridge

"I would never have made the leap to property without the support of Frank and others on the partnership. I came with a passion to provide safe and secure housing for homeless and disadvantaged people. I love the partnership, the opportunity to draw on support whilst having my own goals in sight has been invaluable to me on my journey so far……"

Partner Profile

What do you get as part of the FP team?

Weekly webinars focused on personal and business development

1-2-1 Phone, email and text support from Frank

Access to The Frank Partnership brands

Access to Frank 1-2-1 face to face

Joint Venture opportunities and support

Monthly Partner Training days

3 day intense training on our 51 strategies in property

Exclusive WhatsApp group, Facebook page and Forum

Annual 3 day residential course 

Quarterly Partner Round Table 

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The Frank Partnership Brands

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Amanda Jarvis-Doyle

"I used to work full time for someone else for £20,000 per year. Since coming on The Frank Partnership my confidence has been transformed! I now do single transactions that earn me £20,000 in one day! Thank you Frank for everything... "

Partner Profile

a message from Frank Flegg

"if you have experience of investing in property and your interested in creating a huge passive income and building a property portfolio for yourself using sophisticated strategies, then it would be great to have a chat. Please give one of our friendly team a call and we'd love to explore getting to know you better..."





What does it mean to 

be a Partner?

The Frank Partnership is an exclusive group of experienced and sophisticated property investors. Membership is by invitation only. The level of trust between partners is extraordinarily high and results in many lucrative Joint Ventures between partners. The results that our partners achieve as a result of being on The Frank Partnership are exceptional 

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